Chicago SEO expert asks – “Are you using Google Plus to your advantage?”

Did you know that Google Plus is made specifically to filter who is interested in something?  Google calls this process and the people who populate them Circles.  Circles contain members that are part of a community that has elected to join a certain group based on their interests.

Did you know that less than 5% of the businesses in the US have claimed their Google Plus page?   This is interesting because Google Plus is a great way to extend your reach and find new customers and also get great rankings.  Why anyone would not want to claim free traffic for their business is hard to imagine, but more than 95% of businesses have failed to do so.


There are huge benefits to Google Plus posts on your site, according to the experts at ChicagoSEOPros.

Things you should be aware of include Google Authorship, Google Hangouts, Google HelpOuts and Google Glasses – all of which are now gaining steam to help your site rank higher and get more interested customers in your pipeline.


If you are interested in learning more about how the Google Plus suite can help your business prosper, call the experts at  Their Chicago SEO Company will get you on the right track with Google Plus.


Here is some information from Wikipedia on Google Plus: