Wind storm preparedness

With all the major hurricanes and tornadoes that happen in the U.S. over the course of a year, it is no wonder that people and builders are looking for ways to strengthen homes against the brute force of wind storms. Several states have instituted stricter building codes requiring more bracing and stronger materials to be used in new construction.

It is a welcome fact then, that spray foam insulation is a material that actually helps strengthen walls. The way that it bonds to the exterior sheathing and framing gives additional strength to exterior walls. This is especially true of closed cell foam insulation which, when cured, becomes hard and provides a vapor barrier against moisture as well.

In addition to stronger sheathing, more durable house wrap, stronger framing and bracing, you can now add spray foam to your list of items to consider when building a new home or commercial building. And, of all the above options, foam will also keep your energy costs low and actually save you money over time…a welcome benefit in these times of high energy costs and skyrocketing heating and cooling bills.

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